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All the latest news concerning Rimka, the tiny PCL/PJL editor:


Rimka helps you to quickly write PCL/PJL "snippets". With those snippets you can change easily the properties of PCL/PJL printers. You can -for example- change the tray sequence on a Xerox Docuprint N4025 with a 3 lines snippet. Because Rimka is written in Python and uses the wxPython GUI library, Rimka is a real cross-platform application, developped under Linux and Windows NT. It will integrate syntax higlighting and printer database features. That's for the future ! Now Rimka is limited but fairly fonctionnal ;)


Rimka is using wxPython and wxWindows. After a quick double checking both seem to comply to GPL. Please go here for more details about open source licencing and the GPL General Publique Licence specifically. I am not a GPL zealot but I deeply think that the debate around licence, patents and intellectual property is a good thing in itself. I've to check what copyright HP has put on PCL and PJL.


Have a glance at the "beast". The first screenshot shows Rimka with its neat highlighting features. Thoses features have been dropped temporarily.They were slowing down Rimka. But I'm working hard on a PCL/PJL lexer , it might help.

screenshot screenshot2


The following links have been proven vital and still are :

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